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Region editto...sovra le Universita degli Ebrei ed una tassa generale sovra tutti li possessori di beni ed effetti...["Royal decree by king Carlo Emanuele assessing the tax to be paid by the Jewish Communities of the Kingdom, i.e. Piedmont, Monferrato and Alessandrai"]. pp. 11 +1 integral blank. * AND: Regie patenti colle quali Sua Maesta Ordina agli Ebrei proprietarii di stabili...[Royal decree of King Carlo Felice of Piedmont ordering Jews owning properties to send to the Intendancy of Finance a list of their holdings]. pp. 8. Loose, Folio

Turin: 1796 and 1822

Est: $800 - $1,200
After the Cherasco Armistice (28th April 1796) between the Kingdom of Savoy and the French Army, the Senate of Piedmont decided to raise the Jews' tax in the Kingdom. The Jewish Communities of Piedmont were instructed to pay 250,000 pounds, those of Monferrato 180,000 pounds and the Jewish Community of Alessandria 75,0000 pounds (see R. Segre, The Jews of Piedmont, pp. 2017-18). Napoleon Bonaparte was viewed as a liberator by Italian Jews. Under his rule the Jews enjoyed almost complete freedom and emancipation. With Napoleon's defeat in 1814 came the invevitable backlash and the reactionary Kingdom of Piedmont enforced once again the old anti-Jewish code. In 1816 Jewish property-owners were given five years to liquidate their holdings. Seeing that the process did not progress as planned, the government served notice in 1822 that properties remaining in Jewish possession by January 1st, 1824 would be publicly sold by the Magistrate.