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Fine Judaica: Printed Books & Manuscripts

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Lot 125


Two Editions of Tax Regulations and Statutes of the Ferrara Community: Regola - Per ricavarsi gl’Annui Aggravi....Università degl’ Ebrei di Ferrara (Ferrara, 1718). On title, municipal seal. Tailpiece. pp. 36. On p. 36, endorsements of Rabbis Angel Zahalon, Angelo Reccanati, Samuel Benedetto Borghi, and Isaac Lampronti. (The latter was the author of the encyclopedic halachic work “Pachad Yitzchak.”). * With Regole - Per Ricavarsi gl’Annui Aggravii....Università degli Ebrei di Ferrara (Ferrara, 1772). Title printed in red and black. On title, municipal seal. pp.16, (2). Hebrew text of ban signed by R. Solomon ben Isaac Lampronti and R. Mordecai Joseph Carpanetti Crisp, clean copy. Unbound. Sm. folio

Ferrara: 1718, 1772

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
Documents concerning the social and economic history of the Jews of Ferrara. The Community began to organize its financial obligations towards the Duchy of the Principality through the levying of internal taxes from the beginning of the sixteenth century. Tax regulations were published until the end of the eighteenth century and chart the economic changes of Ferrara Jewry, and the kinds of property and income that were taxable. It is striking that the Statutes are enforced by the threat of excomunication against those not contributing their dues