Halichoth Eli [Talmudic methodology in alphabetical order, plus novellae on Talmud and Rambam]

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Halichoth Eli [Talmudic methodology in alphabetical order, plus novellae on Talmud and Rambam]

FIRST EDITION. THE RABBI NACHUM DOV-BER FRIEDMAN OF SADIGURA COPY, with his alternating stamps on title, signature on front-free endpaper ff. 77 [of 80, lacking index] Signatures of three previous owners on title in Sephardic script (including Misod ibn Moyal and Yoseph ibn Samon of Tiberias, author of Eduth Be-Yehoseph ) Marginal notes in a Sephardic hand, slight marginal repair. Later boards, front cover loose. 4to Vinograd Ismir 11; Steinschneider no. 6894,4; G. Pouzailov, Chachameihem Shel Yehudei Sepharad Ve- Ha-Mizrach no. 380; Yaari, Shluchei Eretz Yisrael, pp.638-39, Wanunu, S., Encyclopedia Arzei Ha-Levanon,Jerusalem, 2006, Vol. 2, p. 945, Vol. 3, p. 1487

Ismir: Abraham Gabbai 1662-3

Est: $400 - $600
THE R. NACHUM DOV BER FRIEDMAN OF SADIGURA COPY Rabbi Nachum Dov Ber Friedman was one of the greatest bibliophiles amongst Chassidic Rabbis. His library was formed from three sources- books inherited from his forbearers, books purchased from his own funds and books given to him as a present. He had different stamps indicating the source e.g. Kinyan Kaspi (purchased from my own funds), Yerushath Avotai (inherited) and Minchath Shai (a gift) as in this copy. The author (1610- 1683), was one of the most distinguished, prolific Turkish Talmudic scholars; publishing over fifteen important works. When the false Messiah Shabbethai Tzvi appeared, R. Shlomo, who was the Rabbi of Ismir, almost single-handedly defended Rabbinical, traditional Judaism. He was forced to flee from Ismir due to the influence of Shabbethai Tzvi’s followers. He later emigrated to Jerusalem. One of the previous owners R. Yoseph Ibn Samon, was one of the most prominent Rabbis of Morrocco and a disciple of the Ohr Ha-Chaim R. Chaim Benatar. He was the Shadar (emissary of the Sephardic community in Tiberias) to Italy, North Africa, Iraq and India. The Chida in his responsa Chaim Shaal (vol. 2, no. 32), praises him with especially honorific titles pertaining both to his scholarship and holiness -”Ha-Chacham Ha-Salem Atzum Ve-Rav... Chasida Kadisha...” The other signatory, R. Misod Ibn Moyal was also a prominent Morrrocan Rabbi serving in Alcazar and Tetuan, some of his responsa are printed in Mishpat u-Tzedakah Be-Yaakov by Jacob ibn Tzur, Alexandria, 1894