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Hebrew Printed Books & Manuscripts from The Rare Book Room of the Jews College Library, London The Third Portion

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Lot 209


Journale ueber Einnahmen und Ausgaben an Geld bey der Steuersektion des Juedischen Gemeinde-Vorstands im Jahre 1810, gefuehrt von A. Reinganum [Journal of Income and Expenditures of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt, commencing in the year 1810]. Manuscript on paper Approximately pp. 400. Original boards, rebacked, within modern folding box. Thick folio

Frankfurt a/Main: 1810-1831

Est: $15,000 - $20,000
The thousands of entries for both income and expenditures contain a wealth of information of historical interest relating to the prestigious community of Frankfurt Among the personalities whose names appear in this mamouth ledger are Rabbis Zvi Hirsch Halevi Horovitz and Salomon Abraham Trier, chief rabbi; and members of celebrated German-Jewish families such as Rothschild, Ellisen, Schwarzschild, Kann, Kulp, Worms, Bing, Floersheim, Geiger, Posen, Mainz, Rapp, Goldschmidt, Speyer, Oppenheimer, Rindskopf, Falk, Kirchheim, Gumperz, Fraenkel, Reiss, Schloss, Bacharach, Zunz, et al. This in addition to scores of dayanim, cantors, choirmasters, beadles, and other synagogue officials. On the salary of the kehillah were ritual-bath personnel, ritual slaughterers, midwives, hospital (“hekdesh”) staff, communal-oven bakers, “schulklo pers,” and gravediggers. One learns that expenditures were made as well to gentile policemen, to chimney-cleaners, sewage cleaners, and an assortment of other paid professionals. The consignor relates the ledger formerly belonged to the late Mrs. Thea Posen, nee Eisemann, formerly of Frankfurt, daughter of Mr. Heinrich Eisemann, renowned antiquarian of Frankfurt and London. See Paul Arnsberg, Geschichte der Frankfurter Juden, pp. 171-2, 271, 274; N. Bar-Giora Bamberger, the Posen Family, pp. 48, 133; Josef Walk, Kurzbiographien, pp. 76-7; Marcus Horovitz, Frankfurter Rabbiner; Alexander Dietz, Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden