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Lot 179


Ha Lachem Zera...Pesakim Shailoth Uteshuvoth [responsa]. ff. 134. [Vinograd, Venice 460; not in Adams]. . Venice, Alvise Bragadin, 1553, ]. * Bound with: RECANTI, MENACHEM, Piskei Halachoth [Rabbinic law]. ff. (12),52(of 62). [Vinograd, Bologna 12; Mehlman 787]. Bologna, The (Silk) Partners, 1538 Stained. Later boards. 4to

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Est: $1,000 - $1,500
The first three-part work includes Seder Gitin Vechalitzah (on Divorce) by the Author’s son Abraham Minz, as well as a further 90 responsa by R. Abraham’s son-in-law, Meir Katzenellenbogen (MaHRa”M of Padua) containing many important and controversial responsa. Respunsum number 5 allows the marriage of a prostitute who was nursing a child, in order to prevent her and her proposed husband from opprobrium. Responsum number 9 concerns the correct Bar Mitzvah date of a boy born in a leap year. Responsum number 16 discusses cross-dressing on Purim. The author was one of the foremost Italian Kabbalists and Halachic authorities of the13th century. For a full appreciation of his importance, see M. Idel, R. Menahem Recanati, Hamekubal (1998) pp. 79-80 quoting Prof. Y. Ta-Shema concerning otherwise unknown scholars cited by Recanti. Later editions of the Piskei Halachoth have been heavily censored, lacking entire chapters. The majority of the censored material pertains to Gentiles or Jews who have converted to Christianity. See Y. Lipschitz, Piskei Hilchot Recanti in: Moriah,vol. 8 nos.6-7 (1979) pp.2-9