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Hebrew Printed Books & Manuscripts from The Rare Book Room of the Jews College Library, London The Third Portion

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Lot 113


(Gaon of Pumbeditha). Shirei Musar Haskel; Ezobi, Joseph. Ke’arath ha-Kesef / Cantica Eruditionis Intellectus…R. Haai & R. Ioseph Hyssopæo [ethical poems]. Third edition. Hebrew pp. 45,(1blank); Latin translation pp. 35, (1 blank). [Vinograd, Paris 37(unseen); cf. Adams H-17]. (Paris: Gulielmus Morelius, 1559). * Yachya, David. Sha’ar Be’Melecheth Ha’Shir [excerpt from Leshon Limudim]. / R. Davidis Iehaiæ, De Poetica Hebræorum [Hebrew poetics and grammar]. Hebrew pp. (43) (1 blank); Latin translation by Genebrardo Benedict, pp. 64. [Vinograd, Paris 43 who erroneously attributes the work to Solomon Almoli); Adams D-160 (only Hebrew without Latin translation)]. (Paris: Gulielmus Morelius, 1563). * Tremellius, Immanuel. Chinuch Bechirei Yah [catechism]. pp. (8), 152, (7), (1blank). Hebrew (vocalised); Introduction in Hebrew and Latin. [Vinograd, Geneva 1]. (Geneva:Robertus Strephanus, 1554) Stained. Calf. 12mo

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Est: $1,000 - $1,500
The collection of poems by Hai Gaon and R. Joseph Ezobi of Perpignan is the first Hebrew work of a literary nature printed in Paris. All previous Parisian Hebrew printed books were concerned with either Hebrew grammar or the Bible. For a description of the present work, see JE, vol. VI 154