AUCTION 23 | Tuesday, March 30th, 2004 at 1:00
Hebrew Printed Books & Manuscripts from The Rare Book Room of the Jews College Library, London The Third Portion

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Lot 73


ABRABANEL, DON ISAAC, Ma’ayanei Hayeshuah, Comentary on Daniel. Second edition. ff.1(of 2, lacking Latin title), 3-92, (2). [Vinograd, Amsterdam 136; Fuks, Amsterdam 185. “Though neither place nor printer are indicated on the title, the book can be ascribed without any doubt to the Officiana Ben Israel.” See Fuks, Vol. I p.131]. (Amsterdam, Menaseh ben Israel), 1647. * ALSHEICH, MOSES, Shoshanath Ha’amakim [commentary to the Song of Songs]. ff. [1], 27. [erroneously listed by Vinograd as Frankfurt o/Oder 198]. Frankfurt a/Main, 1713. * ALSHEICH, MOSES, Romemoth E-l [commentary to the Book of Psalms]. Edited by Eliezer b. Chaninah of Tarnigrad. ff. 93. [Vinograd Amsterdam, 637, Fuks 498]. Amsterdam, D. Tartas, 1695. * Bound with: ASCHKENAZI, ELIEZER BEN ELIJAH THE PHYSICIAN. Yoseph Lekach [commentary to the Book of Esther, with text],. ff. 38. [Vinograd Offenbach 99]. Offenbach, Tzvi Hirsch Spitz, 1769. * Bound with: GIKATILLA, JOSEPH, Sha’arei Orah [an exposition of Kabbalistic symbolism and the designations of the Sephiroth with commentary by Mattathiahu Delacrut and additional notes by R. Eliahu Segal of Frankfurt]. ff. [4], 112. [Vinograd Offenbach 13], Offenbach, Z. Reiss, 1715. * Bound with: MOSES BEN MAIMON (MAIMONIDES / RaMBa”M). Biur Miloth Hahigayon [introduction to Logic]. With commentary by Moses Mendelson, ff. [3], 30, [Vinograd Berlin 323]. According to Alexander Altmann, Mendelssohn’s “masterful... commentary on ...Millot Ha- higayon...culd hardly have been written had he not been a disciple of [R. Israel] Samoscz” (Moses Mendelssohn, London, 1973 p. 22) Berlin, Chinuch Nearim, 1784 Various conditions. v.s

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