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Lot 164
Malkiel Hezekiah ben Abraham


Third edition. (The book was first published in Tuebingen in 1560, next in Cracow, 1580.) The first word “Malkiel” is within a typographic border. Book preceded by 6ff. of manuscript followed by several blank leaves. The ms. was penned by “Pinhas b. Judah Leib Segal” at the beginning of the nineteenth century and contains a few novel interpretations of verses from the Bible. ff. 23. Laccking title page. 8vo Vinograd, Offenbach 10

Offenbach: Seligman Reiz 1715

Est: $600 - $900
Malkiel discusses the topics of reward and punishment, the afterlife, the Garden of Eden, theTree of Knowledge, and demons. On 22b the author embellishes on the Talmudic statement that when Elijah comes to town, the dogs are glad, by saying that Samaël on the other hand, is accompanied by cats