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Lot 95


ISSERLEIN, ISRAEL BEN PETACHIYA. Biurim [super-commentary to RaSH”I on the Pentateuch]. FIRST EDITION. pp. (6 of 34). Fragment. [Vinograd, Venice 9; Habermann-Bomberg 14; Adams I-246]. Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1519. * SOLOMON BEN ISAAC (RaSh”I) (SCHOOL OF). Likutei Hapardess [Halachah]. FIRST EDITION. ff. (17 of 35). Lacking final blank leaf. [Vinograd, Venice 10; Mehlman 791; Habermann, Bomberg 12; Adams S-1412]. Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1519. * (Adret, Solomon ben Abraham). (RaSHB”A). Shailoth Uteshuvoth RaMBa”N [responsa]. Third edition. ff. (94 of 95), lacking title. [Vinograd, Venice 14; Habermann, Bomberg 10; Adams S-1409]. Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1519. * ISSERLEIN, ISRAEL BEN PETHACHIAH. Pesakim Uchethavim [responsa]. FIRST EDITION. ff. (53). [Vinograd, Venice 12; Habermann, Bomberg 13 (unseen); Adams I-244]. Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1519. Together, four works in one volume. Stained in places, scattered worming, marginalia. Recent morocco-backed marbled boards, gently rubbed. 4to. Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1519. * BARUCH BEN ISAAC OF WORMS. Sepher Haterumah [Rabbinic Code]. FIRST EDITION. ff. 119 (of 140). Lacking ff. 10-11,65-80,84,137,140 (blank), title supplied in manuscript. Damp stained, trace foxed in places. Later blind-tooled tan morocco boards, rubbed. Lg. 4to. [Vinograd, Venice 91; Haberman, Bomberg 81; Adams B-326]. Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1523. * NAPHTALI HERTZ BEN MENACHEM OF LUBLIN. Perusch Le’midrash Rabboth Me’ha’torah [commentary to the Midrash Rabbah]. FIRST EDITION. ff. 30 (of 36), lacking ff. 1,3,12,17,21-2. [Vinograd, Cracow 26; Mehlman 895] AND Perusch Le’midrash Chamesh Megiloth Rabbah [commentary to Midrash Rabbah]. FIRST EDITION. ff. 35. Lacking four unnumbered leaves at end. [Vinograd, Cracow 25; Mehlman 894]. Cracow, Isaac Prostitz, 1569. * HALEVI, ISAAC BEN JUDAH. Penach Raza [novellea and discourses on the Pentateuch]. FIRST EDITION. ff.86 (of 88). Lacking f. 85, f. 88 provided in facsimile. [Vinograd, Prague 154]. Prague, Jacob Bak, 1607.* DURAN, SHIMON BEN TZEMACH. (RaSHBa”TZ). Sepher HaTaSHBba”’TZ [responsa]. Second edition. Engraved architectural border depicting Moses, Aaron, David and Solomon. Divisional ornamental woodcut title featuring lions, foliage and crown. ff. (11), 44 (of 91), lacking ff.45-91; ff. 2 (of 69), lacking 1-67, (1); 68,(1); 101,(1). [Vinograd, Amsterdam 1549 (cf. Amsterdam 1490); see D. Yardeni, Alei Seipher vol. X, pp.119-32 regarding typographical variances]. Amsterdam, Naphtali Herz Levi Rofe, (1738). * AMRAM, NATHAN. Kinyan Guph Ve’kinyan Peroth [encyclopeadia of rulings in Choshen Mishpat]. FIRST EDITION. Title within typographical arch. PRINTED ON BLUE TINTED PAPER. Part I (of 2). ff. (1),240,19. [Vingrad, Livorno 789]. Livorno, Eliezer Menachem Ottolonghi, 1820. Variously worn. Variously bound. Sold not subject to return

v.p.: v.d.

Est: $800 - $1,200