Hebrew. LATER PROPHETS). With the commentary of DAVID BEN JOSEPH KIMCHI

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Hebrew. LATER PROPHETS). With the commentary of DAVID BEN JOSEPH KIMCHI

Title within four piece white-on-black woodcut border of Renaissance ornament. Letters of initial words within white-on-black decorative vignettes Folio, 242ff. ff. 5 repairedwith slight loss of a few words of text. some small portions censored, Generally, a clean copy with fine, margins.Modern vellum binding Vinograd, Pesaro 11; Adams B-1280

Pesaro: Sons of Gershom Soncino 1515-16

Est: $15,000 - $18,000
No doubt the leading exegete of the prodigious Kimchis, David wrote on all the Prophetic Books as well as Psalms, Chronicles and Genesis. His method follows that of the Peshat, yet often utilizes Derash, employing aggadic interpretations. As an adherent of Maimonides’ philosophical views, David Kimchi introduces Maimonidian ideas into his commentaries although also expoundingcertain events as “visions.” Notably, in his commentary upon the Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the Divine Chariot (Ezekiel, Chap. I), Kimchi presents a lengthy philosophical exposition concerning the Theophany. (See: M. Waxman, Vol. I, pp. 199-200; D. Amram, the Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy (1909) pp. 60-61. According to the renowned rabbi and bookseller ,R. David Frankel -some Pesaro prints are even rarer than incunabula. To our knowledge, no complete copy of this edition has ever appeared at public auction.