Sepher ha-Terumah [Rabbinic Code]

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Sepher ha-Terumah [Rabbinic Code]

FIRST EDITION. Various owners’ signatures. ff. (139 of 140), lacking final blank only. Small loss to title-page, stained in places. A Wide margined copy. Recent morocco-backed boards, spine detatched. 4to. Vinograd, Venice 91; Haberman, Bomberg 81; Adams B-326

Venice: Daniel Bomberg 1523

Est: $800 - $1,200
Baruch ben Isaac of Worms (late 12th-early 13th century) was a member of the Tosafist school that thrived in France, having studied under R. Isaac of Dampierre. For this reason, relatively few German authorities are cited by him, while citations of the master Tosafists Rabbi Samuel ben Meir (RaSHBa”M) and Rabbi Jacob of Ramrupt (Rabbeinu Tam) abound in his work. One might say the “specialty” of Sepher ha-Terumah is its sustained treatment of the laws pertaining to Eretz Israel. The rulings of Sepher ha-Terumah were picked up in subsequent halachic literature. Among those who invoke its’ authority are: Rabbis Isaac b. Moses (Or Zaru’a), Moses of Coucy (SeMa”G), Zedekiah Anav (Shibbolei ha-Leket), and Aaron of Lunel (Orchoth Chaim). Besides Sepher ha-Terumah, another work by the same author that has gained currency are the comments to Tractate Zevachim, which are printed in the standard editions of the Talmud simply as “Tosafoth.” See EJ, Vol. IV, col. 278.