Urim VeTumim [commentary to the Books of Isaiah and Jeremiah]

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Urim VeTumim [commentary to the Books of Isaiah and Jeremiah]

First edition. Title within typographic border. Owner’s signature on title: ff. 76. Scattered dampstains. Contemporary boards. 4to. Vinograd, Venice 957

Venice: Daniel Zanetti 1603

Est: $500 - $700
Philosophical commentary to Isaiah and Jeremiah. As appendices, commentaries to Samuel II Chaps. 1 and 23. Meir ben Isaac Arama (1460? -c. 1545) was the son of the famous “Ba’al ha-Akeidah,” author of Akeidath Yitzchak, a favorite commentary to the Pentateuch. It could be suggested that Meir was applying his father’s method to the Prophets and Writings, but his works never gained anywhere near the popularity of his father’s. Born in Saragossa, Meir fled Spain at the time of the Expulsion, after a sort stay in Naples, he eventually sunk roots in Salonika, where he preached to the emigré Aragonian Community.