AUCTION 21 | Thursday, December 04th, 2003 at 1:00
Kestenbaum & Company Holds Inaugural Auction of Hebrew Printed Books & Manuscripts at Their New Galleries

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Lot 12


Shoshanath Ha’amakim [commentary to Song of Songs, with text]. * Einei Moshe [commentary to the Book of Ruth, with text]. * Devarim Nechumim [commentary to the Book of Lamentations, with text]. * Devarim Tovim [commentary to the Book of Ecclesiastes, with text]. * Masath Moshe [commentary to the Book of Esther, with text]. * With: Maroth Hatzovoth on Neviim Rishonim, Prague, Moshe b. Betzalel Katz, 1620, Vinograd, Prague, 289. Ginzei Yisrael 634 ff. 22, 22 18, 18, 3. Half calf binding, spine cracked, front cover detached with few leaves loose. Folio Vinograd Prague 269

Prague: Abraham Heida 1618

Est: $600 - $900