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Lot 122


Papo, Judah. Shever Poshim [controversy concerning the administration of the Kollels of Hebron]. FIRST EDITION. ff. 33 (i.e. 34). [Vinograd, Jerusalem 105; Halevi 69]. Jerusalem, Israel Bak, 1862. * Salant, Samuel. Kuntrass Emeth U’mishpat [controversy concerning the purchse of land for Etz Chaim Yeshivah in Jerusalem]. FIRST EDITON. pp. 22. [Vinograd, Jerusalem 111; Halevi 92]. Jerusalem, Jechiel Brill, 1863 Lightly browned. Contemporary black cloth backed boards. 8vo

Jerusalem: v.p. v.d.

Est: $1,200 - $1,500
First work concerns the refusal of the emissary Joseph Shalom to present an audit of expenses and monies collected to the Rabbis of Hebron. Shalom enlisted the British Consul, James Finn, to have two of the Rabbis of Hebron arrested. Shalom was excommunicated and the two Rabbis were released three months later. Second work: A controversy arose between Rabbis Zundel Salant, his son-in-law R. Samuel Salant, R. Meir Auerbach of Kalish and R. Moses Yehudah of Kutna on one side and Rabbis Samuel Menachem Yanover, R. Samuel Solomon Boyarsky and R. Saul Binyamin Karelitz, concerning the purchse of land for Yeshivah Etz Chaim and the establishment of a Beth Din. Personal insults ensued which resulted in the excommunication of certain rabbinic leaders of Jerusalem