AUCTION 16 | Tuesday, June 25th, 2002 at 1:00
Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts From the Library of the London Beth Din

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Lot 132


BASS, SHABBETAI. Sifthei Yesheinim [bibliography]. First Edition. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 461; Mehlman, 1361; Fuks, Amsterdam 469 ]. Amsterdam, David de Castro Tartas, 1678-80. * JUDAH LEIB BEN BARUCH/HA’LEVI, DAVID BEN SAMUEL (HaTa”Z). Zahav Mezukak [summary of Turei Zahav (Ta”Z)]. FIRST EDITION. [Vinograd, Dyhernfurt 136]. Dyhernfurt, Issachar Ber Katz,1725. * LOEWENSTAMM, SAUL BEN ARYEH LEIB. (Av Beth Din of Amsterdam). Binyan Ariel [sermons, novellae and discourses]. FIRST EDITION. Two parts in one volume. Two title pages. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 2073]. Amsterdam, Jacob & Abraham Proops, 1778. * EGER, AKIVA. Teshuvoth Rabbi Akiva Eger [responsa]. FIRST EDITION. Part One only (Second part was published posthumously, in 1839). [Vinograd, Warsaw 102]. Warsaw, Avigdor Levenson, 1835. With c. 20 others, similar Variously worn. Variously bound

v.p.: v.d.

Est: $700 - $1,000