Hebrew. LATER PROPHETS). With the commentary of DAVID BEN JOSEPH KIMCHI (RaDa”K)

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Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts From the Library of the London Beth Din

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Hebrew. LATER PROPHETS). With the commentary of DAVID BEN JOSEPH KIMCHI (RaDa”K)

FIRST EDITION with commentary. FIRST SEPARATE EDITION of Later Prophets ff. 293 (of 294), lacking the blank leaf on f. 224. Opening and closing few leaves with expert paper repairs, neatly remargined in places, several words provided in facsimile on first page, few marginal notations, manuscript inscriptions retained in recto of f.1, few initial words supplied in mauscript, washed. Modern calf. Sm. folio Vinograd, Soncino 13; Offenberg 29; Goff Heb-24; Freimann-Marx, Thesaurus A-39; see Amram, pp. 60-61

Soncino: Joshua Solomon Soncino 1486

Est: $60,000 - $70,000
No Complete Copy of This Bible Edition has Appeared at Auction for at Least Fifty Years. Printed immediately prior to the Soncino Family’s flight to Casal Maggiore, this Later Prophets with the commentary of David Kimchi (RaDa”K), completed the House of Soncino’s first Biblical text. As Joshua Soncino was from a distingushed family of printers, so the exegete came from a distinguished family of Bible commentators. No doubt the leading exegete of the prodigous Kimchis, David wrote on all the Prophetic Books as well as Psalms, Chronicles and Genesis. His method follows that of the peshat, yet often utilizes derash, employing aggadic interpretations. As an adherent of Maimonides philosophical views, David Kimchi introduces Maimonidian ideas into his commentaries although also expounding some events as “visions.” Notably, in his commentary upon the Prophet Ezekiel’s vision of the Divine Chariot (Ezekiel, Chap. I), Kimchi presents a lengthy philosophical exposition concerning the Theophany