SIEGEL, JOSHUA. Eruv Ve’hotza’ah

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Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts From the Library of the London Beth Din

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Lot 34

SIEGEL, JOSHUA. Eruv Ve’hotza’ah

FIRST EDITION. Title within typographical border pp. (2),54. LIghtly browned. Original paper wrappers. 8vo

New York: Ze’ev Wolf ben Mordechai Hirschprung 1907

Est: $400 - $600
Permitting the transportation of personal objects on the Sabbath, in the Lower East Side of New York. With a map on p.2 depicting the Island of Manhattan from the New York Bay at South Ferry, bounded by the East and Hudson Rivers to the Harlem River in the north and the Third Avenue “El” through the middle. This pamphlet engendered a great controversy among other Rabbis who were of the opinion that such an Eruv, utilizing the rivers and the “El” was invalid. Consequently, the author includes here responsa of a number of European Poskim supporting his position. The pamphlet was published in two stages: Pages 1-26 were published first and sent to various Rabbis for their concuring or dissenting opinions. Once responses were received, pages 27-54 were published containing the supporting responses