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Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts From the Library of the London Beth Din

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Lot 297


Tephiloth Kol Ha’shanah [“Tachlal” prayer book the entire year]. According to “Baladi”/Yemenite rite, following Maimonides. With text of R. Isaac Luria’s Tikunei Shabbath, commentary “Chidushin,” the text of Song of Songs, the Scroll of Esther, Selichoth and liturgical hymns. ff. (204). LIghtly browned and stained in places, thumbed. Recent blind-ruled brown morocco boards, gently rubbed at edges. Folio

Yemen: (1869)

Est: $5,000 - $6,000
The text of Tikunei Shabbath which commences the prayers for Sabbath in this manuscript, is copied from the rare Cracow 1613 edition of Isaac Luria’s work, published by R. Judah Ha’kohen of Bodon, the son of R. David Ha’kohen the disciple of R. Moses Isserles. Interestingly, this edition, which was not seen by Chaim Lieberman, and according to Geshon Scholem was th first book containing Lurianic kabbalah published in Poland, found its way to the communites of Yemen. See: J. J. Cohen, Sepher Tikunei Shabbath- Supplement to the Bibliography of C. Liebermann, in Kiryath Sepher, vol. 39 (1964) pp.539-548. The “Chidushin” commentary cites R. Isaac Vaneh and R. Solomon ben Shalom Ha’melamed among others. The manuscript also includes texts of various legal documents (Shtarot), including divorce, Halitzah, Bills of Sale and Testimentary documents, as well as laws and customs of Yemen in Judeo-Arabic and a calendar for intercalation of years through 1869 through 1940.