Yonath Elem

AUCTION 11 | Tuesday, November 28th, 2000 at 1:00
Important Hebrew Printed Books and Manuscripts From the Library of the London Beth Din

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Yonath Elem

FIRST SEPARATE EDITION. Title within typographical border ff. 38. Lightly browned and stained in places. Contemporary boards, defective. 4to Vinograd, Amsterdam 150; Fuks, Amsterdam 254

Amsterdam: Judah ben Mordechai and Partners 1648

Est: $600 - $900
One of ten Kabbalistic treatises, collectively entitled Asarah Ma’amaroth - only parts of which have been printed. De Fano was first a disciple of Moses Cordovero, before developing into a fervent advocate of Isaac Luria’s system. Indeed, the Asarah Ma’amaroth bears strong Lurianic influences. Joseph Solomon Delmedigo gave him the appellation “Master Kabbalists of Western Lands.” Moreover, da Fano was not content to regard the Zohar as the fountain of only Esoteric Wisdom; he also viewed it as a major source in the realm of Halachah See I. Zinberg, Vol. IV pp.122-3 and M. Waxman, Vol. II p.419