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Fine Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art

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Lot 223


Yad Kol Bo. Lida, David ben Aryeh Leib (Edited by his son, Pesachya). [Compendium including the Pentateuch with Targum & Rashi; Migdal David, super-commentary to Rashi; Ir Miklat, on the 613 precepts; Seder Tephiloth Mikol Hashanah, prayers for the entire year; Asarah Hilulim, commentary to the Book of Psalms; Sod Hashem VeSharvith Hazahav, on the laws of circumcision; Shomer Shabbath, on the laws of Sabbath observance; Machzor Mikol Hashana, festival prayers for the entire year and others]. ff. (2),94,56 (i.e. 59),74,34,54 (i.e.56),40. Lightly browned and stained, few leaves remargined, last two leaves rehinged, title cropped and repaired. Modern half-morocco. Folio Vinograd, Frankfurt a/Main 469; Yudlov 163

Frankfurt a/Main: Johannes Koellner 1727

Est: $2,000 - $2,500
A collection of 14 works. Includes a Passover Haggadah (final leaves, not included in the listing of the 14 works). The appearance of naked Greek mythological figures on the title page aroused a certain amount of controversy and were subsequently removed. Indeed, no less than four different title-pages were issued for this volume. This copy also contains the rare listing and blessing for the three magnates who contributed toward publishing the book. The HUC, Sulzberger and other copies do not contain this listing. See I. Rivkind Sepher Ashir Besha’arim (“A Book Rich in Title Pages”) in: Studies in Bibliography and Booklore, Vol. 1,no. 2 (1953) p. 95-100