Shailoth Uteshuvoth MeHaRa”M Mi’Rothenburg [responsa]

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Shailoth Uteshuvoth MeHaRa”M Mi’Rothenburg [responsa]

FIRST COMPLETE EDITION. Including the Ammendments of Rabbenu Gershom. Title within historiated woodcut border incorporating printer’s device (Yaari, Printer’s Marks no. 37) ff. 2, 5-114. Leaves 3 and 4 were destroyed during printing and are missing in all copies. Marginal worming on title page and first few leaves taped. Browned and stained. Modern boards. Folio Vinograd, Prague 161; Mehlman 753

Prague: Moses ben Bezalel Katz 1608

Est: $600 - $800
The first complete edition containing 1020 Responsa by this supreme arbiter of Halachic authority in Germany. For an exhaustive treatment of the Maharam and his influence from the 13th-century on, see I.A. Agus, Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (1947)