Seder Kabalath Shabbath [prayers upon the onset of the Sabbath]

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Seder Kabalath Shabbath [prayers upon the onset of the Sabbath]

Manuscript in square and cursive Hebrew script, in brown ink ON VELLUM, 6 pages. Signed by censor Camillo Jaghel, 1613 on p.2v f.2 wormed with extensive loss of text. Modern calf with original limp vellum wrappers bound in. 24mo

Palestine?: Late 16th century

Est: $1,500 - $1,800
One of the Earliest Texts of Lecha Dodi. Contains the Lecha Dodi hymn, by which the Friday evening prayers welcomes the arrival of the Sabbath. Composed by the mystical poet Solomon Alkabetz of Safed (1505-1584) Lecha Dodi became widely popular, and despite its late composition, it was quickly incorporated into the prayer-book (Venice, 1584). The present manuscript directs the worshiper to commence Sabbath Eve prayers with Psalm 29 (Mizmor Ledovid) to be immediately followed by Lecha Dodi. This custom of omitting Psalms 95-99 (Lechu Neranana, et al) accords with the Kabbalistic School of Isaac Luria. It seems likely therefore, that the present manuscript pre-dates any printed text of Lecha Dodi, and was used to accompany the standard printed text of prayers. Early users were hesitant to formally incorporate this new Piyut into the prayer-book, before it was accorded universal acceptance. Indeed, the presence of a censor’s signature suggests the manuscript itself was used to prepare a printed text of this famous Song. See Y.Y. Cohen, Seder Kabalat Shabbat Upizmon Lecha Dodi, in: Mekorot Vekorot (1982) pp.74-106