Seder Hagadah shel Pesach. With commentary by Abrabanel

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Lot 102

Seder Hagadah shel Pesach. With commentary by Abrabanel

PRINTED ENTIRELY ON VELLUM. Baroque frontispiece. Title within architectural arch. 14 fine copper-plate engravings. Historiated letters on pp.3r,13v. Hebrew and Yiddish translations of Adir Hu, Echad Mi Yode’ah and Chad Gadya ff.18 (of 20). ff.7-8 supplied in facsimile on vellum, lightly stained in places. Modern vellum. Folio Yudlov 115; Yaari 72

Sulzbach: Aaron ben Uri Lipman Fraenkel 1711

Est: $50,000 - $60,000
LUXURY COPY OF AN IMPORTANT HAGADAH PRINTED ENTIRELY ON VELLUM. Hebrew Books were vey occasionally printed on vellum on behalf of wealthy patrons or for presentation and reflect the refined taste of those involved in preparing the book for publication “The success of the Amsterdam Hagadah of 1695 was such that within a relatively short time its illustrations were copied in other places...First among the Amsterdam imitations was an edition published in Frankfurt a/Main in 1710 (see previous lot). In quality and fineness of reproduction, however it was surpassed by the Hagadah that appeared in Sulzbach a year later. But while the printer consciously followed his Amsterdam model throughout, he also reserved something for himself. A new frontispiece and a new title page now replace the corresponding leaves in the former. The frontispiece is among the most imposing to be found in eighteenth-century Hebrew books and has a magnificent sculptured quality.” Yerushalmi, 64-5