Shailoth Uteshuvoth [responsa]

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Shailoth Uteshuvoth [responsa]

FIRST EDITION. Three volumes. Includes Responsum 190 (Vol. I pp. 127-8) concerning Gentile servants present in original format:-A later issue censored this passage Vol I (Orach Chaim & Yoreh De’ah): ff.204 (of 205). Title page supplied in facsimile. Sig. 2:4 with loss of few words. Vol II (Even Ha’ezer): ff.220. Vol III (Choshen Mishpat): 305 (of 355). ff.1-34,225-8,288,309-310,312-313 and 315-320 provided in facsimile. Lacking f.35, presumably a blank. All three volumes worn in places with occasional repairs. Modern uniform calf. Folio Vinograd, Salonika 130-31, 139; Mehlman 756; not in Adams

Salonika: Abraham Joseph Bat-Scheba 1594-1595

Est: $1,500 - $2,500
Samuel de Medina was one of the outstanding Halachic decisors of the 16th century. The Yeshiva he founded in Salonika (which was supported by the noble Donna Gracia Mendes-Nasi) gave rise to several famous scholars from throughout the Ottoman Empire. See M.S. Goodblatt, Jewish Life in Turkey in the XVIth Century, as Reflected in the Legal Writings of Samuel de Medina (1952)