Broderzon, Moishe. Sichas Chulin

AUCTION 2 | Tuesday, June 03rd, 1997 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art Including Property from a Dutch Private Collector and the Late T. Nachum Gidal

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Broderzon, Moishe. Sichas Chulin

ONE OF 90 COPIES. Lithograph on paper. Title page, dedication and 15 text pages all surrounded by Lissitzky’s modernist design. Yiddish text written in “Assyrian script” (Lissitzky’s term for Hebrew square letters) in a traditional calligraphic style. This copy with the striking and austere original linocut wrappers - ONLY TWO OTHER SUCH COPIES RECORDED Covers lightly foxed, spine worn, institutional stamps, 225x300 mm Shmeruk 2538; Busch-Reisinger Museum Catalogue, El Lissitzky (1987) no. 1917/1; IMC, Tradition and Revolution pp.104-5 and 176-77. And see, A. Rudenstine, The George Costakis Collection - Russian Avant-Garde Art (1981) p. 243

Moscow: Chaver Verlag 1917

Est: $2,000 - $2,500
Folk story of Jewish Messianic hope and miracles in Old Prague. Parallels the exhilaration felt among Russia’s avant-garde Jews concerning the apocalyptic course of the Russian Revolution. This, Lissitzky’s first consciously Jewish work, created a new aesthetic experience, integrating religious and cultural origins and transforming them into a regenerated secular perspective.