ABRAM BAR JACOB. Shemirah Plaque. Copper engraving on paper.

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Fine Judaica: Books, Manuscripts and Works of Art Including Property from a Dutch Private Collector and the Late T. Nachum Gidal

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ABRAM BAR JACOB. Shemirah Plaque. Copper engraving on paper.

Central panel with Adam and Eve flanking serpent in tree and surounded by Eden’s wildlife; above three cartouches with Biblical scenes; panel flanked by palm- and pine-trees at base of which lie two putti. Lower register include the Four Winds, King David with harp, and Joseph with Sun, Moon and nine Stars. Hebrew text throughout

Amsterdam, circa 1700:

Est: $15,000 - $18,000
Provenance: Private Collection, The Netherlands FINE AND RARE EXAMPLE OF THE WORK OF ABRAM BAR JACOB A talisman placed by the bed of expectant mother. It is suggested Lilith wishes to stifle babies at birth - the amulet acted as a charm to ward off the female demon. Psalm 121 is recorded, the recital of which was to repel evil. Additional text includes the names of protective angels. “Adam and Eve - exclude Lilith! - Destroy Satan.” The engraver was a Christian convert to Judaism who settled in Amsterdam from the Rhineland and designed magnificent ttile pages for Hebrew books. He designed the ornamentation for the sumptious Amsterdam Hagadah of 1695. See A.M. Habermann in: C. Roth, Jewish Art (1961) pp. 486-87