Autograph Rabbinic Manuscript.

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Lot 306
GRISHABER, ISAAC (Rabbi of Paks, d.1815)

Autograph Rabbinic Manuscript.

367pp., neat Aschkenazi cursive Hebrew script on paper,. Contemporary boards, 4to

Hungary: 1798

Est: $6,000 - $8,000
Fine manuscript. Numerous responsa, novellae, etc. including comments by Grishaber’s son. Important, as bulk of the work pertains to the violent controversy concerning the ruling by Aaron Choriner permitting the consumption of sturgeon (stoerl-tik). Both Choriner and Grishaber had been students of Ezekiel Landau in Prague and the dispute centered over precisely how Landau (the “Noda Beyehuda”) had adjudicated this issue. Grishaber here fiercely rebukes Choriner for his position and seeks support from numerous leading Halachists from throughout Hungary and beyond. In 1799, Grishaber published his position in the book Makel Noam, which in turn was siezed upon by Choriner’s supporters and destroyed. See M. Carmilly-Weinberger, pp.170-73. The manuscript contains an extraordinary notice seeking to publicize “to future generations” the birth of an illegitimate child to the wife of Dayan Loeb Yarmvet, “the family should thus be avoided.”