“Bitter Weeping and Lamentation.”

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“Bitter Weeping and Lamentation.”

Hebrew broadside poster announcing eulogies for the late Rabbi Haim Hizkiyahu Medini. With tax stamp. Folds. 12 x 17 inches.

Jerusalem: December 1904

Est: $120 - $180
This poster announces the eulogies that were to be delivered on the 10th Tevet, in memory of Rabbi Medini (1834-1904), author of the monumental responsa encyclopedia Sdei Chemed. R. Medini, recently of Hebron, was rabbi in the Crimea for decades, where he spearheaded a religious revival among the Krymchaks. He was a monumental rabbinic scholar, as well as a beloved leader of his people. The announcement states that the eulogies were to be given in the Misgav Ladach Hospital’s courtyard synagogue, a planned gathering of Sephardim and Ashkenazim. The unusual venue was chosen as Rabbi Medini greatly promoted the institution, a hospital that “treats and heals all of our people without distinction.”