(RaMa”K). Ohr Ne’erav [treatise on the importance of Kabbalah]

AUCTION 80 | Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 1:00 PM
The Valmadonna Trust Library: Further Selections from the Historic Collection. * Hebrew Printing in America. * Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 7

(RaMa”K). Ohr Ne’erav [treatise on the importance of Kabbalah]

Manuscript in Hebrew, written in an Aschkenazic cursive hand, on paper. Censors’ signatures on first leaf and again on f. 32b]. An illustration of the Sefiroth appears on f. 23b. ff. (39). Repair to opening and closing leaf, few light stains. Later blind-tooled sheep, upper cover detached. Sm. 4to.

Lodi, (Lombardy, Italy): 1585

Est: $5,000 - $7,000
A neat manuscript of a classic Kabbalistic text written two years before the appearance of the first printed edition (Venice, 1587). There are slight variations to the printed version, including a table of contents that is only found in the present manuscript. Leader of the mystical school of 16th-century Safed, R. Moshe Cordovero (1522–70) was a central figure in the historical development of the Kabbalah to which his encyclopedic works were a vital element. Ohr Ne’erav is a justification of and insistence upon the importance of Kabbalistic study and is an introduction to the mystical methods explicated in the author’s earlier Pardes Rimonim.