Elaborate Charter of Baronetcy presented by Emperor Franz Joseph I to Solomon Parente of Trieste.

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Elaborate Charter of Baronetcy presented by Emperor Franz Joseph I to Solomon Parente of Trieste.

Manuscript on vellum, each leaf with etched framework featuring Royal symbols and Austro-Hungarian imperial decorative motifs. Written in German in an ornate Gothic calligraphy, seven illuminated pages with detailed ornamental decorations in liquid gold, red, blue and green, with accompanying scrolling penwork, exceptional hand-colored painting of Parente`s coat-of arms. <<Signed by the Emperor himself>> and counter-signed by ministerial members of his Cabinet. Interleaved with tissue guards. Binding by: “L. Groner K.K. Hofbuchbinder” incorporating the Parente coat-of-arms enameled and gilded, decorative rivets, golden arabesques and jewels; 12 x 16 inches. Housed in a fitted leather chest with brass corner-pieces above and below (two lacking), central brass monogram, lined in silk. With large red-wax pendant Imperial seal within protective gilt casing attached to yellow and silver thread cord.

Vienna: 20th December 1873

Est: $20,000 - $25,000
Magnificent Patent of Nobility and Arms in which Emperor Franz Josef elevates Solomon Parente to the aristocracy, granting him the rank of Baron. An Italian Jew, Solomon Parente (1808-?) was president of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste. Following his active involvement in the monumental Weltausstellung (World’s Fair) held in Vienna, in 1873, and his extensive contributions toward its success, the Emperor bestowed upon him this ennoblement as a measure of gratitude. The Parente Family was one of the most important business-banking families in and around Trieste, the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of northeast Italy. Solomon Parente inherited the position of president of the Chamber of Commerce from his father, Aaron Isaac Parente of Trieste (1775-1853). The Parentes married into the Rothschild family - indeed the famed 15th illuminated Hebrew manuscript known today as the Rothschild Miscellany was once a prized part of Solomon Parente’s library before it was acquired by the Paris-branch of the Rothschild family. (Of course currently, the manuscript resides, pride of place, in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem). Franz Joseph was Emperor of Austro-Hungary from 1848 until 1916, his 68-year span constituting one of the longest reigns in monarchial history. The granting of nobility was one of the great honors of the Emperor’s Court, and by the late 19th century it had become customary to award it to those who had made outstanding contributions to society. The fact that it was bestowed upon a proud Italian Jew makes this material legacy all the more significant. Further details, including full original text of the certificate, along with English translation, available upon request. <<AN EXTRAORDINARILY IMPRESSIVE DOCUMENT PRESENTED BY THE EMPEROR TO A PROMINENT MEMBER OF AN ITALIAN JEWISH BANKING FAMILY.>>