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  • A Rare Tower Form Spice Container
  • New Honor For Kestenbaum & Company
    Kestenbaum & Company is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as one of the “250 Best Auction Houses Worldwide” by the prestigious publication Art & Auction in their just released Auction House Issue 2013.
  • On Site: Upping the Ante
  • Fine Judaica Auction June 20, 2013
  • London society chooses New York specialists
  • Rare Silver Spice Tower Sells for Record $337,900
    Kestenbaum & Company’s auction of rare Judaica broke a record December 6th. “An extraordinarily rare and important 18th century, Polish parcel-gilt silver filigree spice container” sold for $337,900. That’s right, a spice container sold for the price of a house. A nice house.
  • Antique Jewish Art To Be Sold
  • illustrations, paintings and ceremonial art – a judaica auction – part 3
    There were quite a few art items – in this auction – ranging from illustrated books, to paintings, to kiddush cups, to beautifully written, superbly decorated meguillos and more, my personal favorite among the illustrations was Isidor Kauffman‘s set of color plates of chassidic life… Lot 243:
  • al principio… – a judaica auction – part 2
    The third installment of The Cassuto Collection of Iberian Books is being offered at tomorrow’s auction. Many of the books in this allotment not only had to deal with the Inquisition’s censorship, but in some cases had to even use deception in order to get printed, as is the case with Lot 307, the crown jewel of the collections current offerings…
  • you have taught me since my youth – a judaica auction – part 1
    Elokim, limadtani mine’uray ve’ad henah agid nifla’otecha – True God, You have taught me since my youth and until now, I will say your wonders. Thus opens up Lot 101 (Menachem Azariah Da Fano‘s Yonath Elem) in the upcoming Judaica auction at Kestenbaum & Company – this coming Thursday; June 21st, 2012 at 3:00pm.
  • Dovid Zaklikowski. Historic Plea for the Sanctity of Shabbos to be Auctioned Off.
  • Houston Chronicle
    Nudity was conspicuous in Renaissance Jewish books
    I still remember what David Quammen, the director of the D.C. Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgetown, told me back in the summer of 2006, when I interviewed him about an exhibit of erotic art for NY Arts magazine.