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Lot 298


A collection of six texts bound in one volume (Montefiore ms. 451): << *>> 1. Moses b. Nachman (Nachmanides). Debate With Fra Paulus before the King of Aragon. ff. 1-10. <<*>> 2. Eldad Hadani. ff. 11-21. <<*>> 3. Zeh Hasha’ar [poetic Tochachot and Azharoth]. ff. 22-30b. <<*>> 4. Takanoth Rabbeinu Gershon [with discussion citing R. Yechiel of Paris]. ff. 30b - 32b. <<*>> 5. Mishlei Chachamim Vechidotham [fables and a poem]. ff. 33-34. <<*>> 6. Hilchoth Nidah by Hillel de la Torre. Nine chapters with words in Italian. ff. 35-44. Ex-library. Contemporary wrappers. 4to.

(Italy): 24 Av 1832

Est: $600 - $900
Formerly in the collection of Shlomo Zalman Chaim Halberstam (the endpapers have the inscription “Sh. Z. Ch. H. no. 246” and Montefiore Library (H. Hirschfeld, Hebrew Mss. of the Montefiore Library no. 451).