Shalom Buzaglo. Mikdash Melech, part III [commentary to the Zohar]

AUCTION 70 | Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 at 1:00
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Lot 131

Shalom Buzaglo. Mikdash Melech, part III [commentary to the Zohar]

With four autograph pages at front and marginal notes and corrections throughout in the hand of R. Moshe Shlomo of Tolchin. See f. 7a and f. 73b where the notes are signed NLM”S (Nirah Li Moshe Shlomo). And on p. 2 of the front endpaper where he cites “Ve’ayin BeKithvei Mori VeRabi HaChassid Moh”r E[liyahu] MeVilna.” ff. 186. Browned. Contemporary calf, rubbed, gutter split. 8vo.

Amsterdam: Hertz Levi Rophe and son-in-law 1750

Est: $15,000 - $18,000
R. Moshe Shlomo of Tolchin was one of the most prominent disciples of the Vilna Gaon, and was especially steeped in the study of Kabbalah. According to the introduction of the Vilna Gaon’s children to Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim, R. Moshe Shlomo studied Zohar, Sepher Yetzirah and the writings of Isaac Luria exclusively with the Gaon. The author of Sha’ar Hashirim, many of the kabbalistic writings of the Gaon were copied from R. Moshe Shlomo’s notes. See K. Reddish, MeGinzei HaGra U’Beth Midrasho (1999) p. 168; and B. Naor, Biur Hagra al Sifra DeTzniutha (with notes by R. Moshe Shlomo of Tolchin) (1998) p. 32. Mikdash Melech was the first systematic commentary of the entire Zohar to be published. The author, a Moroccan-born Kabbalist served as a member of the Aschkenazic London Beth Din. Buzgalo’s sterling reputation and his preeminence in kabbalistic matters were such that both R. Jonathan Eybeschuetz and R. Jacob Emden attempted to influence him to endorse their positions.