Mishnath Chassidim (Kabbalah).

AUCTION 65 | Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 1:00
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Lot 46

Mishnath Chassidim (Kabbalah).

<<FIRST EDITION. THE RAPHAEL IMMANUEL CHAI RICCHI COPY, with hundreds of marginal notes, corrections and additions in the hand of the author.>> Also with marginalia in other hands. Accompanied by a detailed description by Prof. Yosef Avivi. ff. (6), 132, (2). Some staining and worming, small burn along margins. Modern boards. Sm. 8vo.

Amsterdam: 1727

Est: $3,000 - $5,000
One of the great Italian Rabbis and kabbalists, R. Ricchi (1688-1743) emigrated to Eretz Israel in 1737. He was murdered by pirates on a voyage back to Europe to visit his home country. An autograph manuscript note on f. 3b (of the first unnumbered leaves of the introduction) states that one of the author’s sources of Lurianic material is from “the complete Sepher Eitz Chaim that I merited to read here in Jerusalem and the Sepher Sha’arei Kedusha by R. Chaim Vital.”