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Fine Judaica: Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, Graphic Art and Ceremonial Objects

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Lot 43


Einige curieuse Nachrichten belangend die Weissagungen von dem Wachsthum des hoechstloeblichsten Ertzherzoglichen Hauses Oesterreich, ingleichen die Weissagungen der Tuercken von ihrem Fall, it. Tuercken-bund, Krieg, auch tuerkisch-gesinnten Jueden betreffend. pp. (4), 66, (2). Signature on title, trace foxed. Unbound. Sm. 4to.

Frankfurt und Leipzig: 1737

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
Anonymous pamphlet of eight chapters which mainly contain prophecies from different time periods and sources related to the fate of the House of Habsburg and to the Ottoman Empire. The author quotes extensively from chronicles going back to the Middle Ages and explains which prophecies related to the rise of the dynasties have been fulfilled in the course of history. The eighth chapter is of a different nature, it is entitled “Jews similar to Turks are equally wicked enemies of Christians.” The author starts the chapter with the remark that the Inquisition had many innocent victims and was thus not adopted in all countries. However, Jews were most rightfully persecuted since they always intended to bring harm to Christians. As a proof he quotes a most likely fictive letter of a Spanish Jew to a Turkish Jew in Constantinople allegedly written shortly around the time of the expulsion of Jews from Spain. The Spanish Jew named “Chamorra, Prince of the Spanish Jews” complains that the Spanish king wants to convert all Jews, that synagogues are being destroyed and Jews persecuted. The Spanish Jew asks the Turkish Jew for advice. The advice of the Turkish Jew, who signed as “Ussus, prince of the Jews in Constantinople,” is to accept conversion, but to secretly take revenge – if Christians take Jewish possessions, then Jews should train their sons to become merchants to cheat Christians; if Christians kill Jews, then Jews should let their sons become physicians and pharmacists in order to take the life of Christians; if Christians destroy synagogues, then Jews should let their sons become priests and theologians to destroy and undermine Christian churches; if Christian inflict other hardship on Jews, then Jews should let their sons become lawyers and politicians. The author uses this “proof” to demonstrate that Jews are not trustworthy, even should they convert to another religion.