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Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 278


Four Kabbalistic Hebrew Manuscripts. Ex-library: Vital, Chaim. Sha'ar ha-Kavvanoth [Lurianic intentions for Sabbath and Festivals, begins middle Motza'ei Shabbath, ends middle Chanukah, wanting entirely Purim]. (Ottoman Empire, 18th century). Vital's Sha'ar ha-Kavvanot was first printed in Salonika in 1852 [Vinograd, Salonica 853]. Comparison of our manuscript to the printed edition reveals variants in our ms. Marginal notes in another hand. ff.2-200 (wanting ff.1,16-18,127,184 and conclusion of manuscript). Total: ff.195. 24 lines per page. Sepia on coarse paper. Marginal worming. Later cloth. 4to. * Vital, Chaim. Peirush Ma'amrei Rashbi [or Sha'ar Ma'amrei Rashbi - Lurianic interpretations of Zohar]. (Morocco, 18th century). On title, signatures of former owners: "Judah Shoshanah," "Isaac Shoshanah." ff. 28, 40-51, 56-70, 72-110, (111-112 blank), 113-157. The book Sha'ar Ma'amrei Rashbi was first printed in Salonika in 1852 [Vinograd, Salonica 852]; our version contains important variants not found in the printed version. Appended: Anonymous. Interpretations of Zohar (pp. 4); Vital, Chaim. Sha'ar ha-Yichudim [Lurianic meditations]. ff. (10); Vital, Chaim. Hashmatoth mi-Peirush Ma'amrei Rashbi. ff. (6). Concludes with Prayer for Parnasah (Livelihood). pp. (2). Wanting 11 leaves between ff. 28-40, and 4 leaves between ff. 51-56. Black ink on coarse paper. Modern cloth. 8vo. * Gabbai, Meir ibn. Tola'ath Ya'akov ["Worm of Jacob" - kabbalistic interpretations of prayer]. (Yemen, 16-17th centuries). Presumably from printed version Constantinople, 1560 [Vinograd, Const. 218]. ff. 3-175, (4). Wanting first two leaves, between ff.175-6, and the final leaf. Black ink on coarse paper. Endpapers consist of older Yemenite manuscript relating to laws of Sabbath andYom Tov. Contemporary calf. 8vo. * Ergas, Isaac. Va-Ye'etar Yitzchak [Commentary to Pentateuch]. Ergas, Joseph. Minchath Yosef [Laws of Torah study based on kabbalistic sources]; Peri Megadim [kabbalistic comments on the negative and positive commandments]. (Orient, 19th century). From published work Livorno, 1827 [Vinograd, Livorno 753,757-8]. ff. (42). At the end of the manuscript, the former owner (not the copyist) records a dream he had in Constantinople, 1909. Black ink on paper. Recent cloth. 8vo.

Est: $1,500 - $2,500