AUCTION 42 | Thursday, December 18th, 2008 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, Graphic & Ceremonial Art

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Lot 258


Arba'ah ve-Esrim. Hebrew Bible with Targum, Rashi, Metzudoth and Judeo-German translation. Part Four of Six only (Book of Ezekiel and Twelve Minor Prophets). With Commentary by Elijah, Gaon of Vilna Gaon. Appended: Norzi, Jedidiah Solomon. Minchath Shai (critical masoretic commentary on Bible) ff. 128 (mispaginated but complete), 114, (2), 117-129 ( of 134). Missing title page and 5 leaves at end. Waterstained and wormed, text slightly affected. Map (13 x 16 inches) torn along creases and tape-repaired. Thick 4to Vinograd, Vilna Gaon 24; facsimile of map on p. 291 (courtesy British Library)

Horadna and Vilna: Menachem Man ben Baruch [Romm] and Simcha Zimel ben Menachem Nachum 1820

Est: $500 - $700
RARE MAP OF THE VILNA GAON The map was executed by Dov Baer ben Joseph Jospa of Vilna. The cartouche at top reads "Tzurath ha-bayith di-Yechezkel me-ha-Gaon Rabban shel kol b'nei ha-golah mo[reinu] ha[-rav] Eliyahu zt"l," flanked on both sides by cherubs