Pinkas D’Chevra Tifereth Shabbath Le-Bachurim D’Kehilla Kedosha Pressburg

AUCTION 35 | Tuesday, November 21st, 2006 at 1:00
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Pinkas D’Chevra Tifereth Shabbath Le-Bachurim D’Kehilla Kedosha Pressburg

An historical overview of the finest students of the Pressburg Yeshiva. Contains nearly 250 names of Society-members, a great many of whom later rose to became important Rabbis and communal leaders. The Pinkas records each members’ town of origin and professional position later held. A selection of names recorded: Joseph Tzvi Dushinsky, Menachem Schick, Akiva Sopher, Asher Anshel Jungreis, Mordechai Weber, Kalman Weber, Jacob Rieder, Joseph Shmuel Rieder, Ben Zion Snayders, Eliezer Schonfeld, Moshe Zafir. Menachem Pollak, Joseph Dov Bleier, Abraham Stern, Avigdor (Victor) Schonfeld, Isaac Weiss, Yisrael Weltz, Shmuel Benjamin Strasser, Nahan Nata Strasser, Yom Tov Lipman Neihaus, Asher Anshel Miller, Mordecai Mezzei, Joseph Fisher, Yirmiah Blau, etc Many artistic, elaborately colorful full-pages executed by student members with obvious artistic talent ff. 249. Original boards, rubbed, lacking spine. Folio

Pressburg: 1903 -1918

Est: $10,000 - $12,000
Contains seven chapters of rules and regulations for admission to the society; selection of topics for speakers; conduct of members during the pilpul; election of gabbaim; meetings, etc. Also, various other additional Takanoth of directly personal nature: members must attend all “derashoth” regardless of their personal relationship with the speaker; penalties for latecomers; benefits to be received from the Soceity upon the marriage of a member, etc