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Lot 260


Three Consultations to the Apostolic Camera Concerning Usury and the Jews: 1) Risposta al Discorso Stampato Intitolato il Vero Stato dell’ Ebrei [Response to the Discourse Entitled The True State of the Jews]. pp. (13) + 3 integral blanks. * 2) Discorso Teologico circa la permisse dell’usure all’Ebrei [Theological Discourse about the Permissibility of Usury to Jews]. pp. (15) + 1 integral blank. * 3) Sacra Congregazione Levaminis Romana … de Univers. Hebreorum [Addressed to the Sacred Roman Congregation…from the Jewish Community]. pp. (7) + 1 integral blank

Rome: circa 1670

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
These documents are consultations or representations to the “Holy See” concerning the right of Jewish bankers in Rome to lend money at interest. See Leon Poliakov, Les Banchieri Juifs et le Saint-Siège du XIIIe au XVIIe siècle (1965)