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Lot 233


(DOMBROVA). Manuscript document signed by the Rabbi and communal leaders of Dombrova certifying the financial status of a widower who wished to remarry. The signatories state that as guarantors, they assume the responsibility of payment of the dowry within three years One leaf, with official wax seal of the community


Est: $7,000 - $9,000
The government imposed “Familiant Laws” to ensure that Jewish couples would have the means to sustain themselves at least during the first year of their mariage. The leaders of the community had to officially guarantee and vouch for the financial status of the groom, the purpose of the law was an attempt by the State to limit the natural growth of the Jewish community. This document is signed by the esteemed R. Alexander Sender Meisels of Apta. Another of the signatories is Tzvi Hirsch ben Mordechai, the father of the renowned Chassidic Rebbe, R. Mordechai David Unger of Dombrova. The son-in-law of the previous Bobover Rebbe, R. Naphtali Halberstam, R. Mordecai David Unger, is a direct descendent of R. Mordecai of Dombrova