Kinoth la-Meithim [Elegies for the Dead]

AUCTION 33 | Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Including Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, & Autograph Letters

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Lot 216

Kinoth la-Meithim [Elegies for the Dead]

Manuscript in Hebrew. Initial words in square Hebrew letters, remainder of text in Rashi script ff. (7), integral blank, (12). 15 lines per page. Brown ink. Light stains. 8vo

Morocco: 1920’s

Est: $600 - $900
This charming little manuscript is divided into two parts. The first contains various kinoth or elegies by authors “Ya’avetz” and R. Judah ibn Mazar (?), among others. The second part consists of "Hakaphoth." These are kabbalistic circumabulations. In this esoteric rite one circles the grave seven times while reciting the prescribed prayers. Included here, are piyutim or religious poetry by the Spanish masters R. Solomon ibn Gabirol and R. Abraham ibn Ezra, as well as by native Moroccan paytanim, specifically R. Jacob Elmaleh and R. Samuel Elbaz. The latter, a distinguished talmudist, published a volume of novellae on various tractates, Vayomer Shmuel (Casablanca, 1929), as well as a Piyut al Rabbi Al-Kabir (Fez, n.d.). See E. R. Marziano, B’nei Melachim (1989), p. 57, no. 120; p.185, no. 895; S. Bar-Asher, Ha-Siphruth ha-Rabanith bi-Tzefon Afrika (1999), p. 192