AUCTION 33 | Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Including Hebrew Printed Books, Manuscripts, & Autograph Letters

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Lot 211


Aaron Moses ben Zevi Hirsch of Lvov. Sepher Halacha le-Moshe ve-Shirah Chadasha [Rules of Grammar Expressed in Poetic Form]. (Zolkiew, 1764) [Vinograd, Zolkiew 268] Aschkenazic script. On final page colophon, "Ani katavti Shelomo ben Itzak Chaim…[5]591" [I wrote, Solomon b. Itzak Chaim…1831]. f. 29, (1). Excellent condition. Modern boards and endpapers. 8vo. * Anonymous. Tzemach Tzadik (Livorno, 1784) [Vinograd, Livorno 199]. (According to Prof. Meir Benayahu, this kabbalistic vigil for Thursday night was derived from the anonymous Chemdath Yamim. Personal letter to Prof. Karp.) Italian script. Wormed. pp. 101. Loose. 8vo. *

Est: $300 - $500
Two manuscripts that were written subsequent to the printed edition