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Lot 282


Fragment of a notarial protocol (“Llibre de notes” or Liber notularum), exclusively containing deeds between Christians and Jews of Cervera (Catalonia, Spain) or solely between Jews. The deeds refer to debts, acquittals related to loans, houses in the Jewish quarter (Call), dowries, the payment of rent to an owner, donations, etc. A gathering containing of 44 leaves. Some wear. Folio. * A more detailed scholarly monograph accompanies this Lot

Dated from 26th May 1354 to 12th February 1355

Est: $10,000 - $15,000
14TH CENTURY NOTARIAL PROTOCOL BOOK EXCLUSIVELY CONTAINING DEEDS BETWEEN JEWS AND CHRISTIANS OR BETWEEN JEWS THEMSELVES, AMONG WHOM ARE SOME OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL JEWISH FAMILIES OF MEDIEVAL CATALONIA Apart from Cervera (with references to a house in the Jewish quarter, situated in the “Carrer del Vent”, in the “Carrer de les Verges”) other villages mentioned: In La Segarra, the villages El Canós, la Cardosa, the Castell de Santa María, Comabella, Concabella, Fonolleres, Gàver, Gramuntell, Granyanella, Granyena, les Oluges, Malgrat, Montpalau, la Morana, les Pallargues, Pelagalls, la Prenyanosa, Montcortès, Montpaó, Sant Antolí, Sant Guillem, Talteüll, Tordera, l'Astor, la Goda, la Panadella, Rubió, Sesgueioles, mas de les Torres; de l'Urgell: Tàrrega; de la Conca de Barberà: Montblanc, Santa Coloma de Queralt, ultra Falset, TARRAGONA, BARCELONA, Granollers, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, GERONA and TUDELA. The large list of Jewish names appearing in the notarial protocol book are: From Cervera: Mosse Abraham, Bonin Adret, Benet Adret, Abraham d'Angor, Abraham Bendit, Guila Biona, Isaac Bonafeu, Salomó Bonafós Adret, mestre Bonjuhà Azdai, Isaac Mosse Bendit, Isaac Calot, Adret de Déu, lucef Falaguera, Vidal Ferrer, Isaac Mose Francès, mestre d'Hostalric, Jacob Isaac, Mosse Isaac, Astruc Jacob, Gentou Jafia, Bonjuhà Lectox, Vidal Avent Lopell, Astruc Maimó, Astruc Malet, Lopell Malet, Astruc Ravalla, Astruc Jafia Ravalla, Jafia Ravalla, Perfeit Ravalla, Isaac Salomó Rossell, Iucef Samarell, Bondeu Saporta, Samuel Torner. From Tàrrega: Gresques Gracia, Salomó Gracia