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Fine Judaica: Hebrew and Other Printed Books

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Lot 137


Benjamin ben Judah of Rome (Ed.) Dikdukim. FIRST EDITION. Bound here in 3 vols. ff. (5), 236. Title repaired affecting some words, ff. 9,16, in facsimile. [Vinograd, Venice 265]. 1546 * With: KIMCHI, DAVID (RaDa”K). Sepher Michlol. Edited by Elijah Levita. ff.2- 268 (title in facsimile). [Vinograd, Venice 246]. 1545 Modern calf. 8vo

Venice: Daniel Bomberg v.d

Est: $700 - $1,000
Dikdukim contains the following four treatises: 1. Moses Kimchi’s Mahalach Shevilei Hada’ath (with commentary by Elijah Bachur). 2. An anonymous Spanish author’s Pethach Devarai. 3. Abraham ibn Ezra’s Sepher Tzachuth be-Dikduk. 4. Idem. Sepher Moznei Leshon ha-Kodesh