AUCTION 30 | Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: Books and Manuscripts

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Lot 285


REISCHER, JACOB BEN JOSEPH. Shuvoth Ya’akov. Part I. Halle, 1709; And: Part II. Offenbach, 1719. (Two copies with extensive marginal notes in Ashkenazic cursive 18th-20th century hands ). * EMDEN, JACOB. Igereth Bikoreth. Zhitomir, 1867. * PERACHYAH, AARON HAKOHEN. Perach Mateh Aharon. Part I ( with signatures of R. Shmuel Heller and Mordechai Luria of Safed). Amsterdam, 1703. * KARO, JOSEPH. Avkath Rochel. Leipzig, 1859, with inscription stating that it belonged to R. Yeshaiah Schor of Jassy, author of Kelil Tifereth. * Another copy, on thick paper). * And, nine others, similar Various bindings and conditions

Est: $500 - $700