Naumbourg, Samuel. Zemiroth Yisrael / Chants Religieux des Israëlites

AUCTION 30 | Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 at 1:00
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Lot 278

Naumbourg, Samuel. Zemiroth Yisrael / Chants Religieux des Israëlites

FIRST EDITION. Title in Hebrew and French. On title, King David depicted playing harp. Following title, full-length lithograph portrait of author. Lyrics in French transliterated Hebrew. Titles in Hebrew letters. Divisional title ff.(5). Two parts. Part I: Sabbath pp. 1-112. Part II.:Festivals: pp.113-349. Stained. Contemporary calf-backed cloth. Folio

Paris: Lith de Thierry frères 1847

Est: $1,200 - $1,800
Samuel Naumbourg (1815-1880) was a tenth-generation Bavarian Cantor. After a stint in Strasbourg, he was appointed first chazan at the prestigious Temple Consistorial de Paris in 1845. Naumbourg’s Zemiroth Yisrael achieved an influence comparable to the works of his senior, Solomon Sulzer, and his junior, Louis Lewandowsky. Apart from Naumbourg’s own original compositions, there are melodies by Lovy, Halevy and Meyerbeer. Roughly half the works are traditional Southern German pieces. See EJ, Vol. XII, col. 894