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Fine Judaica: Books and Manuscripts

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Lot 193


Saleta, Jacob Hyacinth. Decretorum Montisferrati Antiquorum, & novorum, tum civilium, cum criminalium…Ferdinandi Caroli Ducis Mantuae X., & Montisferrati VIII [Decrees of Monferrato, old and new, both civil and criminal…Ferdinand Carol, Tenth Duke of Mantua and Eighth Duke of Monferrato] pp. (14), 56, (4), 201, (7), 92, (4), 84. Very light stains. Contemporary vellum. Folio

(Mantua): Lodovico Monza 1675

Est: $2,000 - $2,500
Duke Ferdinando Carlo was the last Duke of the Gonzaga dynasty to rule over the Duchy of Mantua. He was something of a royal wastrel, most profligate in his expenditures from the Treasury. He entangled himself in all manner of political intrigue, until finally the Austrians, who long had their eye on Italian territory, annexed outright the Duchy. This volume contains a collection of the laws enacted during the less than glorious reign of Ferdinando Carlo, as well as those dating back to his noble ancestors. Of special interest are the last 14 pages (pp. 67-80) devoted to the “Ordini, e privilegi per gl’hebrei” [Ordinances and Privileges of the Hebrews]. These invaluable documents are not to be found in S. Simonsohns’ monumental History of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua