AUCTION 28 | Tuesday, April 05th, 2005 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: The Library of the late Professor Abraham J. Karp.

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Lot 38


Anonymous. Merckwürdige Staats-Assemblée In dem Reiche derer Todten, Zwischen einem gantz besondern Klee-Blat…Nemlich dem Duc de Ripperda, Dem Grafen von Hoymb, Und dem Juden Süss-Oppenheimer [“Remarkable State Assembly in the Republic of the Dead between a Very Special Threesome, Namely the Duke of Ripparda, Count von Hoymb and the Jew Süss Oppenheimer”] pp. (8), 192. Browned. Modern blind-tooled calf with ribbons. 4to Freimann, p. 284

Tetuan [i.e. Amsterdam]: Hunniades 1738

Est: $1,000 - $1,500
The author envisions a fanciful disputation between the infamous Juds Suess and two equally contemptible characters of lesser fame. Joseph Suess Oppenheimer (1698-1738) was Court Jew to the Duke of Wurttemberg. Oppenheimer was a classic example of a Jew found guilty in the eyes of German society of overreaching, for the ambitious financier lived a life of luxury and splendor. Upon the death of his protector, the Prince of Wurttemberg, Oppenheimer was accused of embezzlement, summarily hanged and his remains publicly displayed in an iron cage. “Jud Suess”'s undoing was cause for merriment in anti-semitic circles, and he remained a subject of ridicule for years to come. See EJ, Vol. XII, cols. 1428-1430