The Mountain's in Labour: To the Worthy Electors of Bristol.

AUCTION 28 | Tuesday, April 05th, 2005 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: The Library of the late Professor Abraham J. Karp.

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Lot 36

The Mountain's in Labour: To the Worthy Electors of Bristol.

pp. 3, (1). Tears and stains. Paper. Folio

Bristol, England: between 1746 and 1760

Est: $700 - $1,000
OPPOSITION TO JEWISH IMMIGRATION TO ENGLAND. English voters are here canvassed to choose the present candidate as their representative to Parliament, rather than his opponent, “A Man who glories in his Attempt to bring over Foreigners and Jews, to under-work and starve poor Natives.” Dating the pamphlet is rather a simple affair. It makes allusion to Counsellor David Morgan who “was hang'd for high treason.” Counsellor Morgan, referred to as “the Pretender's counsellor,” was beheaded at Kensington in 1746 and his estates forfeited for high treason. (During the Jacobite Rebellion [1708-1746], an attempt was made to seat the Young Pretender, Prince Charles Edward Stuart on the throne of England to displace the Hanoverian King George II.) The pamphlet also refers to King George II in the present tense. As King George II died in 1760, this would place our pamphlet somewhere between the years1746 and 1760.