AUCTION 28 | Tuesday, April 05th, 2005 at 1:00
Fine Judaica: The Library of the late Professor Abraham J. Karp.

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Lot 28


KADUSHIN, ISAAC JUDAH LEIB. Berith Yitzchak [laws, sermons and services for marriage, circumcision and all other life-cycle occasions]. In Hebrew and English. ff.[2], pp.80, ff.[4]. 1897. * BOUND WITH: Tzion: Part II of Berith Yitzchak, Prayers and Speeches for Holidays and other Occasions. pp. 3, [3], 5-39, [2], 40-43, [2], ff. [2]. 1898. Original cloth with title stamped on cover; and original wrappers. 4to Singerman 5198 (unseen); Deinard, Koheleth America 101 (with erroneous pagination) and 693

New York: A. H. Rosenberg v.d

Est: $300 - $400
The author who received impressive rabbinic ordinations from the greatest Lithuanian Rabbis and held posts as Dayan and Rosh Yeshiva in Minsk, apparently could only find employment as a Mohel upon emigrating to the United States. His sermons are quaint and interesting. For an address for delivery at a wedding ceremony he states,”It is the duty of a woman to be her husband’s friend and adviser, his companion and co-sufferer in all that concerns both of them” (Part I, p. 69)